Since his debut in 2019, Sweden’s very own Ludwig Hart has been paving his way to success with his distinct guitar-scented rock productions and a commanding overall presence.

On stage, he gives his utmost and leaves no one unmoved with lyrics about growing up in a small town, his father’s drinking problems, or his yearning for something more, for something bigger.Ludwig Hart’s music embodies straightforward romantic rock, with a hint of west coast and americana, yet is still firmly rooted in the here and now. While the music moves eagerly forward, the lyrics captivate the listener with their mix of everyday realism, fever dreams and midnight adventures.Hart’s first two albums have been greatly successful at home in Sweden.

With arrangements worthy of Tom Petty, energy reminiscent of a young Bruce Springsteen, and clearcut singalong choruses that bring Bryan Adams to mind - or why not Shania Twain - it is not at all surprising that the response from the audience has been so overwhelmingly positive.Ludwig Hart has gone on several sold-out tours in Sweden and appeared on Swedish National television TV4's Morning show as well SVT's Nyår på Skansen (the national new years celebration). In addition, several of Hart’s singles have been put on rotation on SR P4 (Swedish national radio).

Latest single ’Less I Try’ was released Nov 24 and has reached radio charts all over Europe.

Ludwig Hart’s third full lenght album ’Stay Young’ will be released late summer 2024.


"Stay Young" (Album release Aug 2024)

"Less I Try (Single 2023)

"Chasing Gold" (Single 2022)

"Paloma" (Album 2021)

"Car Shot Knife" (Single 2021)

"Violent Words of Love feat. Sarah Klang" - Single (2021)

"Stuck On You (Purpose of love Pt. II)" - Single (2021)

"Aviator" - Single (2021)

"The Boys of Summer" - Single (2020)

"Bloodshot Eyes" - Single (2020)

"Ludwig Hart" - Album (2019)

"Purpose of Love" - Single (2019)

"Helpless" - Single (2019)

"River, Lakes & Hills" - Single (2019)

"Cowboys" - Single (2019)

"A Dream I Keep Returning To" - Single (2019)

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